Building an IoT business in 10 months

An office integrator saw an opportunity in monitoring the operational availability of the technical equipment they installed in coporate offices and give IT departments the data they need to optimize their service workflows and technology investment.

The journey

First, we identified the use-case of realtime monitoring and started prioritizing features. Then, we built a proof of concept and rapidly iterated upon it to finalize a design to generate and process logs from devices in fire-walled offices.

We used our full-stack technology expertise to deliver an end-to-end solution encompassing of the realtime monitoring system, an analytics system, a frontend UI for administrators and technicians, and an ecosystem of integrations with complementary third-party software.

Impact after 10 months

  • 1 fully operational enterprise software business, ready to capture the IoT opportunity
  • 5+ agreements signed with firms in law, insurance and finance.